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When properly structured, telemarketing is an extremely effective marketing tool. The key to the process is a complete understanding of our client's; products, services, and marketing strategies.


We call only the people most likely to need and/or want what you offer. We can either work from your existing customer lists or help you buy in a list - often money very well spent.

Getting past the gatekeeperGETTING PAST THE GATEKEEPER

Patience and respect!

The gatekeeper is just doing their job - the're professional, so we treat them as such and don't try and rush by them. We talk to them, not at them The gatekeeper will know information about the business/decision maker that will be useful to us. It's therefore an opportunity to engage with them, rather than just seeing them solely as a route to the decision maker.

We display our customers credibility and build up a good rapport, which makes them more likely to want to help us.

We usually end up speaking to most contacts several times before they will commit to an appointment or call from another person. It's therefore useful to have our customers marketing material to-hand to help us through this process.

We make detailed notes for the all-important follow up. Whether it's the gatekeeper or the decision maker, when we tell them we will call them back on a certain date we make sure that we deliver on our promise.


Our call specialists are highly trained in techniques designed to get them past gatekeepers. They are polite, persistent and persuasive, but not pushy. Except for the opening statements … there are no scripts to read … conversations are spontaneous and engaging. We use database systems to provide automated follow-ups, as needed, for thorough coverage.


While some products or services may be cyclical in nature, your company name is not. We encourage you to keep your name in front of customers; slow but steady wins the race.


It isn't what you say, but how you say it that creates a positive image. Our specialists are trained to concentrate on features, benefits, and the needs of the buyer … so we can open the door to your full in-house sales presentation.


JSW Telemarketing knows no two marketing campaigns are ever exactly alike. We create custom telephone marketing campaigns, pre-qualify potential prospects, and pre-confirm your sales appointments. All you need to do is close the sale. It really is that simple!